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Gifts of Heart, Humor, and Inspiration Since 1994

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Tripar Display

I use this Tripar display at my own vendor shows and have loved its versatility as well as its attractiveness. It is sturdy, high quality, and spins. Email me for purchasing info.


Basket Ties

Litha's Plaques were originally called "Basket Ties" or "Heart Ties". They were paired with baskets to be included in gift packages. They were also added to collectors baskets like Longaberger. 


Wine Gift

Wine plaques can be displayed or paired with wine bottles as a package deal at retail stores. It makes for a more sentimental gift then just giving a bottle of wine.


Decorative Hangers

Plaques can be hung anywhere around the house to put a smile on guests faces. Cabinet knobs in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms are popular.


Christmas Ornaments

Holiday plaques can be hung as ornaments on Christmas trees. They can also hang from stocking hooks over fireplaces.


Work Desk Decor

People can display gift plaques on their work desks. They can hang on the corners of picture frames or be tacked to a cork board.