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Olive Buggy LLC is an American Company producing gifts of Heart, Humor, and Inspiration. Family run for 25 years!

Our greatest reward is laughter. Laughter is just good, old fashioned, clean, maybe addictive, medicine. 

Olive Buggy LLC

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Ceramic Gift Plaques

These plaques make great Birthday gifts, Christmas presents, and favors for showers! 

Every plaque is poured, painted, and fired in Florida. The raw materials used to make the plaques are produced in the USA. They go through several firings of up to 2000 degrees and are very sturdy.

Each saying is designed to fit on an individual shaped plaque. They are done in a variety of shapes and styles. Check out all our design themes including beach, wine, friendship, marriage, garden, pets, humor, and many more!

Other Pottery

I also offer stones, garden rocks, carafes, cups, tumblers, and I accept custom orders.


Coffee Mugs

Ceramic Coffee Mugs or Tea Cups. They are food safe and decorated with my favorite flowers. Email me for custom orders.


Large Stone

I make large custom stones most commonly used as pet memorial stones. This one is one I designed for my own mantle. I love flowers!


Carafe and Tumbler Set

This is a great gift for decoration or for serving cordials. 

These are hand poured molded clay and the flowers are hand painted with a classic flower design. Glazed inside and out with food safe glaze. Fired three times up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit!