Olive Buggy Gifts
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Olive Buggy LLC is an American Company producing gifts of Heart, Humor, and Inspiration. Family run for 25 years!

Our greatest reward is laughter. Laughter is just good, old fashioned, clean, maybe addictive, medicine. 

Olive Buggy LLC

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Kitchen and Home Decor


Coffee Mugs

Ceramic Coffee Mugs or Tea Cups. They are food safe and decorated with my favorite flowers. Email me for custom orders.


Large Stone

I make large custom stones. They look great on porches, in gardens, and on mantles. I love flowers and each large stone is hand painted with whimsical floral designs.


Small Stones

This is a small decorative ceramic rock that looks great on your work desk or bedside table. It is hallow and light yet very sturdy. There are hand painted flowers on the front and heart leaves around the back.