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Artist, Owner


Nichole Tanner

I am an artist at heart and have a passion for creativity. This business is my creative outlet and I love what I do!

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of South Florida. I've worked for Busch Gardens as a Caricature Artist, Fox News as a Graphic Designer, and Polk County School Board as a Website Designer. In 2016, I bought my aunt's ceramic business. I have expanded the business to 31 stores in 8 states!

My Workshop


Original 1994 Design


Humble Beginnings

Litha Plaques have been in production since 1994. It was originally created by my aunt Litha (hence the name) and she sold it to me in 2016 pending her retirement.

The plaques started as a hobby for my aunt. She took a ceramics class for fun and made some cute plaques with funny hand painted sayings on them. She loaded about 20 pieces in an old basket and walked into a gift shop near the Rainbow River in Florida. Red faced and nervous, my aunt asked the shop owner if she'd like to try selling the plaques. She said sure! Later that day the gift shop owner called my aunt and said she sold out of all the samples Litha gave her.

In 2016 she sold the business to me, her niece, and I have enjoyed every bit of continuing her legacy. These 25 year old plaques are sold in hospitals, wineries, souvenir shops, pharmacies, grocery stores, apple orchards, and theme parks all around the USA.