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Custom Fan Art

I am a geek at heart and I love making artwork that reflects my recent obsessions. Below are some plaques I made for an Always Sunny in Philadelphia trivia night. 


Frank's RUM HAM!

I'm sorry Rum Ham! I'm Sorry!


You'll be Smitten for Kitten Mittens!

I love Charlie inventions! This ceramic plaque has hand painted paw prints and a wine colored satin ribbon.


Charlie Quotes are the Best!

I would love if jobs grew on jobbies.


Frank quotes are so deep.

I like this saying much better that YOLO.


This is from the infamous Christmas special.

I admit this is a hilarious episode but also so depressing! 

Pillow Cases

When my toddler girls started sleeping in big girl beds I made them special My Little Pony pillow cases to commemorate the milestone. They were so proud of sleeping in a regular bed and the fun pillows were the cherry on top. I also love making pillow cases in fan prints like Star Trek and Pokemon.


Wonder Woman Pillow Case

Purple with gold fleks cuff and yellow accent trim. The gold is shiney and eye catching!

20 1/2 in wide by 30 1/2 in long

All my pillow cases are double stitched and hold up well to repeated washes. Wash with like colors in cold water to prevent fading and dry on normal dryer settings.


Pink My Little Pony Pillow Case

When my girls went from a crib to a toddler bed I had trouble finding pillow cases by themselves. Stores had bed sets with sheets and comforters but I didn't need all that.

When I did find pillow cases they were plain and boring. I ended up making my girls pillow cases with their favorite pony prints.


Purple My Little Pony Pillow Case

These pillows go with my family everywhere. They've been through car trips, Disney Vacations, Grandma sleepovers, and daycare slumber parties! Not to mention repeated washes and unplanned trips to the bathtub when my girls decided to "sleep" during bath time.

After two years of wear and tear they still look like new when I get them out of the wash.